Whiskey Sharts is a kick-ass southern-rock act hailing from Shartsville, U.S. of Fuckin’ A.  These boys like to party, have a good time, and pass it along.  Some would classify their lyrics as “comedy” but like so many other legends in their own time, Whiskey Sharts are just calling it like they sees it.  They take the shit you say at the bar about important things like drinking, smoking marijuana, mammalian genitalia protuberances, and put it to kick ass music. Whiskey Sharts ain’t for the all-ages crowd, but the unabashed dirt spittin’, unapologetic, ne’er-do-wells whose side of the tracks are always wrong. Check out their music and vidjas for a heapin’ helpin’ of hilarity and obnoxious badassery. Contact Whiskey Sharts for gigs and promotions whiskeysharts@gmail.com


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